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The family farm

Our farm has been in our family since my grandfather first bought the property in 1912. My father lived there for 85 years and I was born and raised there. My wife Sue and I have lived on the farm since 2012, after my dad passed away. This gallery represents the life I grew up with, developed my guiding beliefs in life and follow to this day.
my mother and I back in early 1950's  trying to be grown up just like my Dad probably 1949
celebrating my parents 25th anniversary in 1966 milking cows with my father around 1966
the original family barn that burned down in 1960
not much left after the spectacular fire in November 1960 Christmas at our house in 1952. I still have that cattle truck that i am playing with here
my grand mother and uncle on the family farm around 1942 I have always believed that hard work and dedication is the way to get things done. You also have to listen to all opinions before making a decision you have to life with.
I still love getting out on my tractor and working around the farm, fortunately we have had the same wonderful farmer rent our property since 1981 for the last 6 years we have hosted our church dine and wine group in our barn. we host about 75 people for Oktoberfest and i get out my lederhosen and we have a great time.

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